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Our cleaning company specializes in cleaning and ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of offices, shops, hotel rooms, accommodation, apartments, condominiums, professional offices of accountants and lawyers, business and commercial centers, warehouses and garages. We are also able to perform special cleaning and maintenance of gardens and parks. Our customers are loyal and appreciate us for their precision, speed, respect for their commitments and their convenience.

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Entrusting the care of the garden, the condominium spaces and green areas to DD Service means being able to count on a complete service able to perform all the gardening jobs: cleaning of gardens, maintenance of green areas, mowing of the grass, collection of leaves ,

Garden Design

A well-maintained garden is always a beautiful garden. To offer the best maintenance of the green DD Service has developed a qualified service of gardening, cleaning and maintenance.

Garden Maintenance

In the green maintenance operations are a series of interventions distributed throughout the year ranging from mowing grass to pruning, from irrigation to the collection of leaves and fertilization.

Trimming & Cleanup

The maintenance activities of the green are carried out for private and public clients, carrying out interventions for the arrangement of private and condominium gardens, maintenance of parks, management of public green areas.

Landscape Services

The mowing of the grass in the gardens is carried out by experienced gardeners with the use of brushcutters and equipment that respect the environment, the characteristics of the terrain and the rhythms of nature.

The commitment to the quality of our cleaning company

Our cleaning company in Mestre has always sought maximum customer satisfaction. We apply our decades of experience to find an effective response to the cleaning needs of individuals, condominiums, companies and public administrations. DD Service employs highly qualified personnel and operates with means and protections that ensure the regular performance of the services required, in full compliance with the regulations on safety at work.

Backyard Cactus Garden

Leisure Garden

Tropical Rainforest Garden

Green maintenance: gardening, mowing, park maintenance and gardens

In the green maintenance operations are a series of interventions distributed throughout the year ranging from mowing grass to pruning, from irrigation to the collection of leaves and fertilization. The care and maintenance of parks and gardens is carried out in compliance with the seasonality and well-being of plants and flowers.

Maintenance & Upkeep

The maintenance activities of the green are carried out for private and public clients, carrying out interventions for the arrangement of private and condominium gardens, maintenance of parks, management of public green areas.

Quality Gardening & Maintenance Services

A well-maintained garden is always a beautiful garden. To offer the best maintenance of the green DD Service has developed a qualified service of gardening, cleaning and maintenance

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Our Happy Clients

“I greatly appreciated the photographic”

In the estimate stage, I greatly appreciated the photographic documentation provided in support. The work of the whole team is tireless and competent, especially Alessandro, a pruning expert. The owners Omar and Emiliano are very active, punctual and precise in the management of operations and times. The disposal of materials and the cleaning of the garden are impeccable.

“we have entrusted your company with the maintenance”

Since 2013 we have entrusted your company with the maintenance of the gardens of some of our stores and offices. The work is carried out with punctuality and professionalism; the cutting of the trees and the collection of the leaves, in the autumn period, is carried out with precision, care and cleaning. In our exercises maintenance is always carried out by the same team of people and this guarantees us all the privacy and security possible.

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3 Ways to Cost Effectively Redo Your Garden

3 Ways to Cost Effectively Redo Your Garden

If you have a lawn in the front of your house or a garden of vegetables in the backyard, you must spend a lot of money and time making sure it is properly maintained and cleaned. You need to make sure you have a professional gardener taking care of the garden no matter how good you are at taking care of the plants and garden on your own.

With your extra time being spent on work and social life, you cannot possibly manage some time for caring for your gardens and plants. You definitely need someone to take care of the plants or vegetables you need. If you have an old garden and are looking for redoing your garden and want some professional to care for it, the following are some tips to make sure your garden looks brand new:

1. Hire Professional Help

It is essential that you have someone caring for your garden instead of waiting for all plants to wilt and die on their own. Garden makeovers Adelaide do an amazing job and care for your gardens unlike anyone else. You will be able to enjoy looking at fresher, greener and enjoyable grass. This is exactly what you need to make sure your garden starts looking fresh and all the plants are able to sustain.

2. Opt for Climate Friendly Plants

It is always better to keep a garden that is able to sustain its strength within the temperature and climatic changes that take place in the house. You will be able to see that the plants that are able to live longer are only because they are in a better place and a better exposed temperature.


It is very important to understand that the plants are able to live longer if they get optimized temperature control around them. No matter how controlled and sheltered the garden is, the temperature affects the plants and vegetables or plants. You need to make sure you only plant what remains healthy and fresh.

3. Use Fresh Compost

If your plants and vegetables are dying and you want to ensure they remain fresh, this is the way to do it without spending too much money. Use fresh compost in the soil and make sure you are able to sustain freshness, agility and life of the plants and vegetables. Fresh compost is a must have if you want to make sure you are able to sustain the life of your garden.

Even if you only have grass and no other produce, this is just what you need to keep the grass fresher and greener. Fresh and organic compost is a great way of extending life of grass, making it smell and look fresh no matter what the climate changes are.

How to choose garden equipment and how to take care of it

Over the years the hobby of gardening has become more widespread , there are numerous enthusiasts who prefer to relax taking care of their garden rather than reading a good book or listening to their favorite music. In fact, gardening according to different studies would help to find calm and tranquility lost due to the frenetic pace that daily life imposes.

According to a study carried out by the University of Uppsala in Sweden,cultivating a garden or taking care of a garden could extend the life of middle-aged people, who could keep themselves in shape through the hobby of gardening, allowing a better state of health.

To start taking the first steps in the world of gardening, however, it is essential to rely on the right tools to ensure that the pleasant hours spent in your garden can not become particularly stressful. Each garden tool must be used specifically for a specific task, in fact there are pruning tools or useful for fruit harvesting.

Cultivating an orchard or taking care of a small family vegetable garden could become a really pleasant activity, even if it is rather simple, as long as you rely on the right garden tools, useful to carry out every specific task with less effort.

It is essential to choose carefully the garden tools useful to take care of your garden or garden, which must be absolutely quality but above all light, usually it is the quality tools that last longer, which is why a greater financial investment could then become a future economic savings over the years.

List of indispensable garden tools

  • Vanga: it is one of the most important garden tools useful both for digging and turning over the earth, especially in rather large plots of land. A quality spade will be made of stainless steel and resistant with wooden handles, certainly more expensive than common spades but definitely more durable over time.
  • Rake: ideal to smooth the ground but above all to prepare the flowerbeds of your garden, it is essential that the rake is balanced with at least 10-14 teeth and above all that it is particularly light
  • Planter: used mainly for planting salads and bulbs, it is used to make a hole in the ground where the seedling will subsequently be inserted, but also used to compact the earth after transplanting around the roots
  • Scissors: small but comfortable to use and above all essential for the care of your garden. Investing in a good pair of scissors is essential, especially for a better quality given by lightness but also by the shape that must be absolutely ergonomic, with sharp blades to facilitate the pruning of the stems and small branches
  • Shears and loppers: with particularly sharp blades, they are ideal for cutting larger or hardly accessible branches, ideal for adjusting the shape of trees
  • Saw: it is essential to choose the shape of the saw that must be compact to easily reach the most difficult branches to reach
  • Shredder: garden tool essential for the cleaning of pruning residues and leaves especially for the cultivation of orchards, as the infected leaves left in the soil for a long period of time could become a source of inoculation for the following years, the shredder accelerates definitely this fundamental passage
  • Binder: a particular forceps necessary to bind branches or plants to the guardians
  • Sprayers or sprayers: often the plants can be attacked by various pests, these tools are necessary to defend the plant using solutions with crop protection products that must be sprayed on the plant.
  • Coglifrutta: an indispensable tool for those who decide to grow fruit trees, this tool consists of a bag with steel teeth applied to a perch, is very useful for collecting the hard to reach fruit
  • Zappa: it might seem trivial but the hoe is perhaps one of the most important tools for the care of your garden.
  • Irrigation system: certainly the most important phase for the health of a garden but especially an orchard, a garden tool that can irrigate your orchard even in your absence.

Surely the range of gardening tools is very wide, the choice that will guide us in the purchase of the instrument is dictated above all by its quality and manageability , but it is also essential to consider the level of experience that you have in treating various plants or care of the garden in general.

Many of the tools listed can be commercially available in both plastic, metal or fiberglass , but you will definitely prefer the use of CE metal gardening tools especially if they must be used to perform gestures of particular strength, generally for work of great maintenance while you can opt for plastic tools if the operations do not require great efforts.

All gardening tools can be particularly dangerous , which is why it is important not to use them improperly . It is not recommended to use a lopper for pruning a branch thicker than the indicated one, as it could be really dangerous for the gardener’s apprentice.

The blades used must be appropriate to the type of cut that must be made, then blades will be needed blades for dry branches while you have to opt for passing blades if you have to prune green branches, acting differently could cause damage to the gardener but especially to the branch of the tree we are pruning.

The blades used for pruning shrubs or trees must be scrupulously disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases from one plant to another, you will need to then clean them thoroughly using a disinfectant with a rag, also cleaning the various teeth present in the blades .

What are the benefits of gardening? What you need to know

Have you ever thought about gardening as something other than a hobby to which you can dedicate some of your free time? Try to imagine something else. More than a study carried out by qualified researchers has highlighted the positive effects of gardening on our health . Many of us live a life full of stress, far from nature, continually linked to technology in an almost obsessive way.

Some elements to think about:

  • Many people spend 90% of their time indoors , with a distinctly sedentary lifestyle;
  • Approximately 1/3 of the adult population is overweight , a phenomenon that is also increasing strongly in boys and girls;
  • As a result, medical spending is constantly increasing ;
  • More than half of the parents consider it a very serious problem that their children spend less and less time outdoors , rather than being indoors.

What do you think? Do you believe that they can be good arguments to stimulate us to spend more time outdoors and to practice gardening? I think yes. But if this is not yet enough to push you out, continue reading.

Some good reasons why gardening is essential to be healthy

  • Gardening reduces the risks of osteoporosis . When we plant the plants, we work the land to prepare a lawn, to grow a vegetable garden, weed weed weeds from our beds, do aerobic exercise under stress. In this way we work our muscles and strengthen them.
  • Carrying out particularly difficult gardening activities, it is true that we are tired but, at the same time, allows us to keep our weight under control , to train the heart , to  prevent major heart diseases and not only. Do you have high blood pressure? Do gardening regularly and you will benefit from it.
  • Gardening helps to burn calories . It is possible to burn over three hundred kcal by doing not particularly heavy gardening activities.
  • Michael Pollan, American journalist and essayist, says that it was the flower that gave the idea of ​​beauty to the world a long time ago, when flowers adopted beauty as an evolutionary strategy to survive and reproduce by attracting insects with their shapes and colors.
  • Gardening allows you to experience physical and mental sensations similar to disciplines such as yoga or jogging .
  • Gardening approaches nature , reminds us how it moves with its moments of abundance, deprivation, rest (the winter seasons), even fear (intense and adverse climatic events).
  • Some research has shown that people who spend a lot of time in the garden close to plants, develop better social relationships , have a greater tendency to experiment and to help others.
  • Practicing physical activity related to gardening reduces the risk of dementia and stroke .
  • Gardening allows the body to absorb higher levels of vitamin D because they are more exposed to sunlight . As a result, the body is facilitated in calcium absorption and in keeping its bones healthy.

We could go on for a long time to praise the healthy activity carried out every time in the garden on the sunny Tuscan hills or in the beach house but I think it was enough. There is nothing left to do but take a pair of gloves, open the front door and pick up where you left off last time in the garden. Have fun and good health.

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