Have you ever thought about gardening as something other than a hobby to which you can dedicate some of your free time? Try to imagine something else. More than a study carried out by qualified researchers has highlighted the positive effects of gardening on our health . Many of us live a life full of stress, far from nature, continually linked to technology in an almost obsessive way.

Some elements to think about:

  • Many people spend 90% of their time indoors , with a distinctly sedentary lifestyle;
  • Approximately 1/3 of the adult population is overweight , a phenomenon that is also increasing strongly in boys and girls;
  • As a result, medical spending is constantly increasing ;
  • More than half of the parents consider it a very serious problem that their children spend less and less time outdoors , rather than being indoors.

What do you think? Do you believe that they can be good arguments to stimulate us to spend more time outdoors and to practice gardening? I think yes. But if this is not yet enough to push you out, continue reading.

Some good reasons why gardening is essential to be healthy

  • Gardening reduces the risks of osteoporosis . When we plant the plants, we work the land to prepare a lawn, to grow a vegetable garden, weed weed weeds from our beds, do aerobic exercise under stress. In this way we work our muscles and strengthen them.
  • Carrying out particularly difficult gardening activities, it is true that we are tired but, at the same time, allows us to keep our weight under control , to train the heart , to  prevent major heart diseases and not only. Do you have high blood pressure? Do gardening regularly and you will benefit from it.
  • Gardening helps to burn calories . It is possible to burn over three hundred kcal by doing not particularly heavy gardening activities.
  • Michael Pollan, American journalist and essayist, says that it was the flower that gave the idea of ​​beauty to the world a long time ago, when flowers adopted beauty as an evolutionary strategy to survive and reproduce by attracting insects with their shapes and colors.
  • Gardening allows you to experience physical and mental sensations similar to disciplines such as yoga or jogging .
  • Gardening approaches nature , reminds us how it moves with its moments of abundance, deprivation, rest (the winter seasons), even fear (intense and adverse climatic events).
  • Some research has shown that people who spend a lot of time in the garden close to plants, develop better social relationships , have a greater tendency to experiment and to help others.
  • Practicing physical activity related to gardening reduces the risk of dementia and stroke .
  • Gardening allows the body to absorb higher levels of vitamin D because they are more exposed to sunlight . As a result, the body is facilitated in calcium absorption and in keeping its bones healthy.

We could go on for a long time to praise the healthy activity carried out every time in the garden on the sunny Tuscan hills or in the beach house but I think it was enough. There is nothing left to do but take a pair of gloves, open the front door and pick up where you left off last time in the garden. Have fun and good health.