Over the years the hobby of gardening has become more widespread , there are numerous enthusiasts who prefer to relax taking care of their garden rather than reading a good book or listening to their favorite music. In fact, gardening according to different studies would help to find calm and tranquility lost due to the frenetic pace that daily life imposes.

According to a study carried out by the University of Uppsala in Sweden,cultivating a garden or taking care of a garden could extend the life of middle-aged people, who could keep themselves in shape through the hobby of gardening, allowing a better state of health.

To start taking the first steps in the world of gardening, however, it is essential to rely on the right tools to ensure that the pleasant hours spent in your garden can not become particularly stressful. Each garden tool must be used specifically for a specific task, in fact there are pruning tools or useful for fruit harvesting.

Cultivating an orchard or taking care of a small family vegetable garden could become a really pleasant activity, even if it is rather simple, as long as you rely on the right garden tools, useful to carry out every specific task with less effort.

It is essential to choose carefully the garden tools useful to take care of your garden or garden, which must be absolutely quality but above all light, usually it is the quality tools that last longer, which is why a greater financial investment could then become a future economic savings over the years.

List of indispensable garden tools

  • Vanga: it is one of the most important garden tools useful both for digging and turning over the earth, especially in rather large plots of land. A quality spade will be made of stainless steel and resistant with wooden handles, certainly more expensive than common spades but definitely more durable over time.
  • Rake: ideal to smooth the ground but above all to prepare the flowerbeds of your garden, it is essential that the rake is balanced with at least 10-14 teeth and above all that it is particularly light
  • Planter: used mainly for planting salads and bulbs, it is used to make a hole in the ground where the seedling will subsequently be inserted, but also used to compact the earth after transplanting around the roots
  • Scissors: small but comfortable to use and above all essential for the care of your garden. Investing in a good pair of scissors is essential, especially for a better quality given by lightness but also by the shape that must be absolutely ergonomic, with sharp blades to facilitate the pruning of the stems and small branches
  • Shears and loppers: with particularly sharp blades, they are ideal for cutting larger or hardly accessible branches, ideal for adjusting the shape of trees
  • Saw: it is essential to choose the shape of the saw that must be compact to easily reach the most difficult branches to reach
  • Shredder: garden tool essential for the cleaning of pruning residues and leaves especially for the cultivation of orchards, as the infected leaves left in the soil for a long period of time could become a source of inoculation for the following years, the shredder accelerates definitely this fundamental passage
  • Binder: a particular forceps necessary to bind branches or plants to the guardians
  • Sprayers or sprayers: often the plants can be attacked by various pests, these tools are necessary to defend the plant using solutions with crop protection products that must be sprayed on the plant.
  • Coglifrutta: an indispensable tool for those who decide to grow fruit trees, this tool consists of a bag with steel teeth applied to a perch, is very useful for collecting the hard to reach fruit
  • Zappa: it might seem trivial but the hoe is perhaps one of the most important tools for the care of your garden.
  • Irrigation system: certainly the most important phase for the health of a garden but especially an orchard, a garden tool that can irrigate your orchard even in your absence.

Surely the range of gardening tools is very wide, the choice that will guide us in the purchase of the instrument is dictated above all by its quality and manageability , but it is also essential to consider the level of experience that you have in treating various plants or care of the garden in general.

Many of the tools listed can be commercially available in both plastic, metal or fiberglass , but you will definitely prefer the use of CE metal gardening tools especially if they must be used to perform gestures of particular strength, generally for work of great maintenance while you can opt for plastic tools if the operations do not require great efforts.

All gardening tools can be particularly dangerous , which is why it is important not to use them improperly . It is not recommended to use a lopper for pruning a branch thicker than the indicated one, as it could be really dangerous for the gardener’s apprentice.

The blades used must be appropriate to the type of cut that must be made, then blades will be needed blades for dry branches while you have to opt for passing blades if you have to prune green branches, acting differently could cause damage to the gardener but especially to the branch of the tree we are pruning.

The blades used for pruning shrubs or trees must be scrupulously disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases from one plant to another, you will need to then clean them thoroughly using a disinfectant with a rag, also cleaning the various teeth present in the blades .